Corporate Business Counseling and Litigation

Creating and managing a business requires an immense amount of time, labor, and resources. The Arnott Law Office will advise you about your company and assist you in ensuring smooth corporate operations for your business throughout its life. From forming a business to transferring ownership interests, your business matters will be in order. If disputes arise, Arnott Law Office is experienced in litigating on your behalf.

Formation of Corporate Entities

No matter the size or type of your business Arnott Law Office can assist you in choosing the right type of corporate entity for your needs. Arnott Law Office will handle the process from start to finish, including drafting appropriate corporate documentation, state and federal filings and advising you on day to day operations.

Insurance Coverage and Litigation

Arnott Law Office advises individuals and companies on the appropriate types of insurance coverage they should carry. With over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, Arnott Law Office will assist you in handling claims and maximizing your insurance recovery. Insurers always have attorneys reviewing and disputing claims, you should have the same advantage to protect yourself and your company during the claims process.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Compliance, Disputes and Litigation

The Uniform Commercial Code applies to many transactions between businesses buying and selling goods. Arnott Law Office can streamline your sales process and documentation to ensure compliance with the UCC. Arnott Law Office will help you resolve disputes between companies and between companies and consumers.

Reinstatement of Drivers Licenses

If your drivers license is suspended or revoked for non-payment of fines, student loans or court costs the Arnott Law Office will work with you and the State of Iowa to get your license back.

Family Law

Arnott Law Office handles the full range of family law matters including divorces, custody, visitation and child support.

Consumer Debt Collection Defense

If you are being harassed by bill collectors seeking payments, Arnott Law Office can help you stop the calls. We can help you reduce of eliminate your financial obligations by negotiating with or fighting your creditors in court.


Certain types of criminal matters can be expunged from your record. Get in touch with Arnott Law Office today to see if you qualify